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Anetta & Ilan, London

Venue: Clapton Country Club

Photography: Kirsty Mackenzie

Floral design: Gita Lazdane / greta in flowers

"Gita, you absolutely NAILED IT! The flowers yesterday were INCREDIBLE!! Everyone commented on them, asked me who did them and wanted to take some home!!! Thank you so much for your creativity, your style and your listening! And patience!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED my bouquet. It was so special, " Anetta 

Anetta & Ilan-80.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-243.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-247.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-79.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-73.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-269.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-282 edit 3.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-271.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-270.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-13.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-258.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-423.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-431.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-416.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-291.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-407.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-409.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-489.jpg
Anetta & Ilan-659.jpg
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