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florist's choice - XL greta bunch

  • XL greta bunch comes in a gift bag or a box.

    Bouquets on the photos are for the represantation purpose so you can see the approximate size and vibe. 

    Go for this option if you trust our taste which is usually either pastel colors or birght & colorful. If you are after something in particular, please contact us via email or IG dm to order "custom choice bunch".

    The color palette and flower variation changes weekly. Please note that size of the bunch and a number of flower stems in each bunch may vary, as it depends on the flowers we are using as they are different in prices and sometimes smaller bunch can be more expensive if it's made from more expensive flowers. Please note as well, that flowers we are using depend on the season and availability. 

    Follow @greta_in_flowers on Instagram to keep updated on the latest vibe 

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